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Hi Everyone! Thought I would write a bit about the website to make it easy for you to get around and sign up for the classes. Never thought I would be the one to do this. Tech stuff is beyond me sometimes but Andrew, my son, is a good teacher.

  1. To sign up for classes you need to go to "live classes" under the members pages. There you have to RSVP to any class that you want to do. When you hit RSVP the first time, it will take you to a RSVP page and you have to click again. We are going to see if we can change that you have to hit RSVP just once.

  2. You must go through the email that you will receive to get the link to the class. There will be a new link generated for each class. If you sign up for multiple classes please make sure that you use the email for that class on that date.

  3. All the way to the right in the header is a down arrow. This is where all your information is. It has the forum, your wallet, payments, events and other things of importance. Please check it out.

  4. Please go and just play around in the website. Look at the recorded workouts, read the blog and please give me feedback. It will get better and have more content. It will grow, its just a baby right now.

  5. Any questions, please ask!

I hope this helps a bit. Please enjoy and I will see be here to help in any way I can.

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