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When this pandemic hit and most of us were relegated to staying at home, something very interesting happened. There was a run on exercise equipment! It was crazy how fast everything sold out. Well, exercise equipment is back in stock and

i want to talk about the benefits of exercise bands. I really think everyone should have a set.

First off, resistance bands are lightweight, are small and easy to put away and not very expensive. Right now dumbbells are going for about $1.50 per pound. Now that really starts adding up especially if you need heavier weights. also, bands can take the place of the machines that we like to use in the gym. There is no body part you cant work out with a resistance


If you have ever had physical therapy, you know how much the therapists rely on all kinds of resistance bands in our rehabilitation of our injuries or after surgeries. They are great for building muscle, can help in us gain more mobility and flexibility, and give us a better range of motion in a lot of cases.

Resistance bands recruit more stabilizing muscles than when you use machines. Machines do all the work for you in the stabilizing department by holding you in the correct position instead of you holding yourself in position. I am sure you can guess which one burns more calories and works all the muscles. You can also control the angle at which you work to make it more comfortable for your joints and can help you learn which muscles are working during the exercises. It is also harder to use momentum when you are doing exercises so your muscles will do more work under less load as long as you are using correct form.

Now there is nothing wrong with machines and dumbbells but it is always nice to have another option to keep workouts fresh and interesting especially if you are working on muscle imbalances or rehab.

There are lots of options on Amazon right now. Quite a few are under $40. IF you are interested in getting some and want a little guidance, please feel free to email me.


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