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One of Those Days

Up at 5am, in the basement gym by 6. That is my schedule, my habit, the way I make sure fitness happens in my life, until it doesn't. Sometimes we have one of those days where it doesn't get done or even one of those weeks. It happens to everyone once in a while and I am here to tell you that it is ok!

We all have families, lives and circumstances that sometimes get in the way of our good intentions. Maybe we just don't feel like it or just too lazy to do what we need to be the best we can be. Maybe a pandemic took over the world. Life is going to happen, and the worst thing we can do is beat ourselves up over missed workouts or not so nutritious meals. Its going to happen and we have to try to meet these times with grace and understanding.

One or a couple of missed workouts wont make us unfit just like a few not so great meals will make us gain weight. but what we need to do is that we don't fall into the habit of missing workouts and eating like a 12 year old boy everyday. When we can we need to do what we can for ourselves and our health.

So when those unscheduled breaks show up in our lives and we forgot to grocery shop, be kind to yourself. Do what you need to do and get back in the routine of taking care of you. your body will thank you!

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