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Good morning! It is a very rainy and chilly early September morning. One of those morning where getting out of bed is just a little bit harder than usual being all snuggled up in my blanket and nice and warm. I did though, I got up drank my coffee and got to it. I have goals! And the only way to hit those goals is to consistently hit my workouts and eating well.

consistency: Marked by harmony, regularity, or steady continuity

During this pandemic we have all been out of our comfort zones, probably way more stressed than we usually are but most of you kept up with your workouts giving ourselves some much needed normalcy in our lives, even if it wasnt in person. It could have been so easy to just say forget it, but you didnt. This is the type of consistency, regularity that we need to hit our goals.

Now, not all our goals are fitness based. Keeping up our good eating habits, drinking enough water, meditating, getting enough sleep, so many things we can focus on to make us healthier humans. All of these things need to be done on a consistent basis. We are worth the effort it takes to do these things. One of my favorite saying is "progress over perfection" All the small steps we take to be healthier is progress. Trying to be perfect is just to overwhelming and stressful. Small consistent steps is where it is at.

So i wanted to say how impressed I am by all of you and to keep it up.


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